Tuesday, March 28, 2017


I have just returned from a 5 day trip to Majorca to see the Soller tramway and train.

No 2  At the station

No 2 en route along Puerto de Soller sea front

No 2 crossing points at Puerto de Soller

No 2 departing Pueto de Soller with trailer

No2 moving off ready to run around its trailer at Puerto de Soller station

No 26 waiting to load at Puerto de Soller station

Sunday, March 19, 2017

CRICH LCC1 ON 17 MARCH 2017 - Frank Bagshaw

 LCC 1 being reassembled in the Crich workshop, March 2017.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


An invitation was received a few weeks ago to visit the Statfold Barn Railway near Tamworth to see the progress made on the refurb on B & A 14.  We were surprised to find that the tram was up and running and very nicely turned out. A speedy renovation to a high spec.
14 on its way back from the end of the line

14 rounding the corner before the tram stop

Almost at the stop

At the stop - showing a really good paint job

Upper deck

New controller top and handles

14 has its own depot at the far end of the line with 3 foot gauge and standard gauge provision for a standard gauge engine Statfold are due to receive.

Staircase and hand rail - we noticed that the majority of the adverts were for different kinds of soap and wondered if the citizens of Burton and Ashby were particularity dirty!

Inside the controller. The original controllers were no good and have been scrapped, also the top and controller handles were lost in Detroit. The original casings have been used to house Fork Lift Truck electronics. The arrangement has been made that the tram can only be driven in the direction of the controller and not reversible.

The original motors were no good and have been scrapped. New fork lift truck motors have been housed in the original motor casings. It still has the correct 'tram' sounds when moving! The tram has  been re-gauged to 3 feet and has different wheels.

Motive power comes from 60 x 2 volt Fork Lift Batteries, housed in banks of 10 under the seats

High gloss varnished seats

The main switchgear housed under the stairs under lock and key

The original fluted lights, carved wood and ceiling cornices have been kept

14 on the way back to its depot after a super morning

Friday, March 10, 2017


Another find which has a variety of transport in Ireland including the Fintona horse tram, Hill of Howth, narrow guage, lots of steam, buses, Belfast trolleybuses and a traction engine:-

Sunday, March 05, 2017


First sight of 264 approaching the entrance stop

 A visit to Beamish Museum for the last running of Blackpool 147 before its return to Blackpool.
In the main I was interested in seeing how the museum has progressed since my last visit almost 10 years ago.
The tram I was most interested to see was Sheffield 264 and how good it looked. It would be nice to think that one day Sheffield 264 from Beamish and Sheffield 264 from Crich (newly renovated), might run together in service. One can wish and hope!
There were five trams available to ride during the day, 147, 264, 114, 196 and 16.
It was also good to see more vintage shops open - the Chemist (complete with Bunsen burner), the Photographers Studio (with potted palm, background drapes and fur stole), the rear of the car showroom (showing the workshop and vintage parts department) and best of all the working Bakery and shop (I can recommend the bread, teacakes and sticky ginger cake!
264 loading at the entrance stop

264 rounding the corner of the street

264 at the tram stop on the street corner

264 and 196 crossing at the entrance tram stop

147 and 114 pass at the entrance tram stop

147 from the top deck of 114 at the entrance
The double decker and the access bus pass through the street
114 and 196 pass at the entrance stop
Access bus and 114 at the entrance
196 at the entrance with the double decker approaching in the background
196 passing the depot approach
16 in the depot entrance ready to come into service in the afternoon

16 and 147 progressing along the street

Monday, February 27, 2017


 Martin went to Manchester yesterday to see the first day of the Second City Crossing and the extension of the Airport service from Cornbrook to Deansgate Castlefield. Still seems amazing that we are able to witness new British tramway routes opening!

 Manchester Metrolink Second City Crossing opening day

Manchester Metrolink St Peter's Square 2CC Opening Day

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

GLASGOW FILM MAY 1960 - Martin Miller

Martin Miller has sent me this link to a 15 minute film of the Glasgow trams  in May 1960.  The film is the copyright of the National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive.

I was sent this link of Glasgow trams which is worth a watch.

Unfortunately it may be blocked as it is copyright, but the above is what to look for on their website.  Kath

Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Graham has asked me to publicise the objections to the changes to the Horse Tramway and attached are the Objection Letter Template and supporting images.

The Douglas Horse Tramway has survived intact for 140-years, through bankruptcy, two world wars and the reigns of six monarchs.

January 2017 it now faces its gravest threat. For it to survive IT NEEDS YOUR HELP PLEASE BY:

       •       Using the links below to 
sign the petiti on and email politicians in the Manx Parliament
       •       Contributing to our 
CROWD FUND appeal to fight this in the courts in the event the politicians fail to support the tramway next weekWhy? Because a move is now afoot which will dismantle the line; on January 17th Tynwald will vote again on new proposals to:
       •       to almost half the route by abandoning the critical Loch Prom section which links the Ho rse Tramway and the MER to the Sea Terminal

       •       to abandon the unique tram sheds and stables
Ray Harmer's Department of Infrastructure proposals will destroy the Horse Tramway utterly, leaving a rump fleet to venture forth from time to time from a steel box at one end of the promenade as a "novelty ride" along an over-engineered modern light railway, terminating in a new "Cultural Quarter" of doubtful taste.

The MERS believes what is needed is for Tynwald to throw out the current Department of Infrasturcture scheme. Instead DoI should return to Keys to:
       •       Retain of the Horse Tramway along the whole of Douglas Promenade - 
avoiding unnecessary expense and planning delays       •       Spend money that is being asked for the construction of a modern ‘temporary stables and depot‘  on retention, repair and development as a tourist asset the existing historic sta bles and depot.
How you can help:       •       Sign the New Petition which addresses the latest DoI proposals
       •       Contact your MHK (before January 17th) indicating your views regarding the horse tramway - and what should be done.
       •       Tell them what you think on the Tynwald u-turn which may see a decision to retain the Horse Tramway in full taken in July, promises made before the election in September, and the votes taken in December which means once again the future of the Loch Promenade section is in real peril
       •       Send your views to the planning committee regarding the ‘temporary’ stables
       •       Contribute to the MERS horse tramway ‘fighting fund’:
1. To fight planning applications which threaten the character of the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway.
2. To engage in legal action in the Manx Courts (and beyond) to stop this horrible development.
3. (If we succeed) The balance of any funds raised through this site to be distributed for the restoration of the Douglas Bay Horse Tramway, its buildings and the trams that have run on it.
Only if we have the means to litigate this matter to th e full will our opposition be taken seriously so please help us!

The following resources are available:
       •       Horse Tramway: What your Politicians said and how they voted… in July, at the Election and again in December
       •       Useful Addresses - includes email addresses of politicians
       •       The Cultural Quarter - how it will look
       •       Temporary Stables Proposals
       •        Planning Objection email Template
       •       MERS Press Release January 2017

The Tynwald Vote which is likely to be decisive takes place on January 17th. A deadline has been set for bids on the stables of January 20th.

Time is of the essence.

Thanking you in anticipation

MERS Committee

https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/159909ecf5ef408e?projector=1 - SUPPORTING IMAGES

https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/#inbox/159909ecf5ef408e?projector=1 - OBJECTION LETTER TEMPLATE

Monday, January 09, 2017


Just two months since my previous visit on 9 November, the day of the awful derailment, all seemed to be running well with a good frequency for a Sunday.

2564 on George Street

2559 rounding the corner towards East  Croydon Station

2550 crossing the junction to enter George Street
2561 en route to West Croydon

2553 on the approach to East Croydon Station

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

HANOI, VIETNAM - Frank Bagshaw

As part of his latest visit to the Far East Frank had a few days in Hanoi.

In a Hanoi museum was this photo of a more modern tram.

Found in the Hanoi Metropole hotel - a photo of an early Hanoi tram - presumably of French origin.