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Pyongyand had a large variety of trolleybuses of various vintages and mainly homemade 'Chollima' type.  We had 3 specially chartered trolleybus rides and one specially chartered tram, also we were allowed to travel 7 stops on the metro getting off at most of the stations to admire the architecture etc.
Opposite the railway station

Chollima type 091 built 2009 in front of Railway Station

Trolleybus 209 with lots of accident free stars on its sides

The stars which appear on the sides of some of the trolleybuses denote how many miles of accident free work they have accomplished - each star is equivalent to 50,000 km, also an indicator of the age of the trolleybus.

The Chollima brand symbol.  Chollima is the name of the winged horse (Pegasus) in Korean.

This was the first of our chartered trolleybuses - a Chollima 964 built in 1964.  It was in good condition,  but a little slow.

This is the Chollima 964 in front of the winged horse it is named after

Our group at the end of the trolleybus hire with the driver and conductress in our midst.  The two men on either end of the group were the depot/transport managers for Pyongyang and they were very pleased to meet such an interested crowd.  We also found out which towns in DPRK still have trolleybuses and trams, useful for a further visit.
Trolleybus and tram stop outside the Railway Station

Some very pretty liveries

One of the older type trolleybuses

On it's way round the Railway Station turning ciurcle

En route from Arch of Triumph to Kim Il Sung Square

Passing the Arch of Triumph with a 2 pieces of traffic!

Two types of trolleybus

Passing through Kim Il Sung square, familiar from military parades

Kim Il Sung Square

Wiring crossover

Most recent model of trolleybus.  Note the young lady traffic person, present at most road junctions.  Not much traffic to direct and some seemed to spend most of their time saluting to cars with blacked out windows!

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