Wednesday, September 03, 2014


Our journey out of North Korea was by train via Dandong to Shenyang in China.  We arrived in good time for our train, went through security and were then ushered into the First Class Lounge to await boarding time for our train.

First Class waiting room with antimacassars!

Lovely cupboard in the waiting room.  Sorry about the reflection!

On the platform walking to our Coach 1.

Our engine, we did not find out why it wasn't an electric engine.  We asked permission to take the photos, then the driver shouted at us for taking them, ce la vie. (The obligatory white van was delivery the food to the restaurant car.)

Another engine through the train window

Being weaved off

Pair of engines

Pyongyang sign at the station

Leaving Pyongyang after a really good and interesting trip - trolleybuses apart!

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