Wednesday, September 03, 2014


A group of 12 visited Pyongyang for 5 days in August and managed to have our visit tailored to a transport theme and apart from the obligatory museums, mausoleums etc did practically everything we requested.  Although denied the opportunity to ride on the former Zurich trams to the Kumsung Sun Palace (mausoleum) we were given the opportunity to photograph them at the 11th hour en route to the station for the train back into China..

Tram on way back to metro station.  The mausoleum (Kumsung Sun Palace) can just be seen in the background.

En route to the mausoleum with passengers sitting to attention.

113 on way to metro station

101 returns to metro station

Tram on way back to the metro station.  This was as close as we were allowed to get after our visit to the mausoleum.

This was the last tram of the morning on way back to depot

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