Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Buildings & Trams

Not much to report today. I have moved the Leeds 180 pictures to the Historical Archive.
(Thanks for reporting the missing pictures - I don't know what happened whilst I was in Scotland. I have simply reloaded them.)

1. Work continues on the Eagle Press. New red coloured laths have been installed and the tiles were being fitted before the rain started.

2. A start has been made on fitting new workshop doors.

3 & 4. J'burg 60 and C'field 7 are being prepared for service.


  1. Hi Richard, 3 of the 4 pics from the Buildings and Trams photos do not show, the only one that does is the picture of the skylift working on the new door. Cheers, Gary

  2. Gordon Bulmer6/3/09 17:19

    Photos 1,3 & 4 are not visible to me, I just get a small squaer with a red X in it.