Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What's happening?

What's happening to the tramways in Croydon, Manchester and the West Midlands?
Normal services are being reported for Manchester and WM. No trams in central Croydon due to overhead line damage.
We have just returned from a couple of nights in Liverpool. Nothing unusual about that. Liverpool is a tourist destination theses days. We went on Monday and stayed in an apartment 5 minutes walk from Lime St Station. On Monday evening we watched the BBC news of riots on the familiar streets of Croydon. On Tuesday evening the riots were in broad daylight on the even more familiar streets of central Manchester. Would Liverpool be next? Would central Manchester be devastated and laid waste? We went to bed with the sound of police sirens ringing in our ears.
Fortunately the Liverpool riot was not in the city centre and Manchester had been brought under control before our return journey on Wednesday evening. It was all very disturbing and I suspect there is more to come.

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