Tuesday, February 03, 2015


Today, I´m bringing you a joke:
Arriving early in the morning at Praça do Comércio, I felt something different. 
Not a joke, just a film scene at Rua da Prata I noticed it when arriving at Praça da Figueira 

Let´s go back on time, to the 30's of XX century at Brasil

Historic Portuguese vehicles, with Brasilian registration plates and tha red tram to Penha
It´s a shame they forgot some details, as the trolley

It was a sunny morning (7-8ºC), but Saint Peter forced the end of the sceene
The sun came back and the normal traffic was restablished by noon.

Installing a sticker on a tram destination box, is not common, and it is much more strange that the "homework" was beeing made out of Santo Amaro depot.

I really must seek for Penha at Lisboa !!

And the tram started to PENHA (where is this ?), empty, along the final route of line15 !!

After the scene, left side sponsor panel was removed, 
but the tram got back to work with the mysterious destination

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