Saturday, July 23, 2016

MIDLAND METRO ON FRIDAY 22 JULY 2016 - Frank Bagshaw

Tram 19 waits at the new stop in Corporation Street. This area is now pleasantly devoid of buses, just trams and pedestrians.

Frank Bagshaw has spent a day riding the Midland Metro. Here are trams 26 and 20 at the new Grand Central terminus in Birmingham by the entrance to New Street train station.

Tram 28 approaching the current terminus at Wolverhampton St. George's. In the background is the wishbone bridge taking the tramway over the inner ring road.
The proposed extension to Wolverhampton bus and train stations will lead off to the left behind the tram. A useful feature of the extension is a pub located by the proposed line so it will be possible to have a drink and watch the battery powered trams run past. This is one of the extensions planned without overhead.

Tram 19 again, on Bilston Road, Wolverhampton. When trams mix with ordinary traffic running on roads like this, it really seems like a "proper" tramway.

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