Sunday, October 26, 2008

Red October

-1. Afterthought - here is a picture of our Skoda in Poland in 1977. We were feeling rather pleased having found a shop and being able to buy something. (Martin on the left of the picture will be 40 next month)
1. We had a slightly older Skoda S100 very similar to this one. It was the first new car we had and now I have just bought a new Skoda Fabia; sad isn't it?
2. Trabis on the street with Berlin 3006 in the background. An idea for next year would be to pose the Skodas alongside Prague 180.
3. Berlin 3006 and Ladas.
4. Comrades - but I'm not sure about the white jacket, it could be from the West. Did he buy it on the black market?
5. Made in the DDR but photographed after Die Wende - perhaps we should paint 3006 in its original livery one day.

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