Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Daugavpils - track work and Moscow crash

Daugavpils is a fascinating place - it is a Russian speaking town with a typical Russian tramway operating RVZ6s, KTM5s, a single KTM8 and some second hand Tatras located about 20 km inside the EU. I think this clip of track repairs was posted on 24th August 2007.
I have found a box of slides entitled 'Blackpool 1985' so I will add some of these to the Historic Archive in the next few days. To answer two of the recent questions:
1. It will be black concrete with a brushed finish.
2. To spend more time with my family.
1. Blackpool 717's motors have been returned and will be refitted to the loco shortly.

2. MET 331's motors have also been returned one has been refitted to the far bogie.
3. Another empty room.

Finally I think this is from Moscow (the tram is a KTM8).
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