Tuesday, January 06, 2009

An empty room

Work has been ongoing for several weeks to clear three of the rooms in the Library so that contractors can install new high capacity shelving. This is nearly complete and the contractors are expected to start work on Monday.
1. This room will be used to house the majority of Winstan Bond's book collection.
2. In future maps and drawings will be stored flat rather than in rolls. Here Chris Gent is seen checking a delivery of acid free board.

3. Unrolled drawings are protected by the acid free board and weights are used to stop them curling.

4 & 5. As always it is very difficult not to be distracted and start looking at the contents. Here is are plans for a proposed tramway between Derby and Nottingham via Long Eaton and Beeston which were printed by more former employer Bemrose & Sons.
Had this line been built Barton Transport might not have started their pioneering bus service from Beeston to Nottingham in 1908 which became service 5 between Derby and Nottingham and still exists as trentbarton's Indigo.

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