Sunday, April 04, 2010

WW II re-enactors

In reply to Sam's comment, this is a real action shot. The only posed picture in this post is the shop scene where Christine Brown seems more interested in me than the shopkeeper.

Vehicle owners are required to sign a declaration. The problem is that it is ignored.Posted by Picasa


  1. Sam N. Ellah6/4/10 08:51

    Who's the pillock riding on front of the jeep? has the person removed their brain before entering the museum or didn't he have one to start with? The street is bumpy and if he lost grip he'd fall under the wheels of the jeep then think of the bad publicity we'd get. It isn't posed photo either as the wheels look slightly blurred compaired to the rest of the photo. Lets hope we don't have a repeat of this next time. Last year it was someone riding on the roof of a lorry near the overhead wires!

  2. Di O' Rea6/4/10 22:38

    Why pick on the pillock at the front? What's wrong with the one sat perched on the back? The place was full of 'em, sad old men far too old and unfit(fat)to have been on active service in WWII, marching and riding round in ill fitting uniforms on some kind of ego trip armed to the teeth with toy guns and ammo.not to mention the fur clad gimmers trying very hard not to look the wrong side of 21!
    A Mickey Mouse event, historically flawed and of how much benefit to the Museum?
    If it is so obvious year on year that rules and the LAW are being broken why don't those responsible for the event clamp down on the offenders and show them the door before there's a serious accident?
    One pillock too many perhaps?

  3. Aaron Johansson7/4/10 12:56

    In respect of how much benefit to the museum, the amount of money we take on a weekend like this pays for a hell of a lot and the museum would struggle if we didn't stage these events. As part of the event team, i personally enjoy doing these events and put in a lot of hard work in the months running up to it to try to make it a sucsess. If you don't like the event why not try to think of a way to make us the same amount of money.cause i don't think you could.

  4. If you were active in WW2 you would be at least 83 now so too old is a bit out. Still arithmetic is not what it was in my day. As one who was around during WW2 but not old enough I find anyone who enjoys pretending to be a soldier a bit sad and I too thought the bloke on the front of the jeep was stupid.