Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Easter Sunday trams

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  1. Anonymous6/4/10 18:48

    Wot no comment about the 1940s ambulance?

  2. That's a rather distasteful comment. I'm not aware of what happened (and even if I as I wouldn't publish it) but when there is a real emergency and need for an ambulance, it's rather disrespectful to pick fault. When you, silly anon, are in need of an ambulance, we'll make sure it's up some stairs and quite far away.

  3. Anonymous6/4/10 20:02

    As one of the first aiders who attended the incident I am appalled that you have to make this distasteful comment. Do I assume that you prefer to have a good photo instead of potentially preserving someone's life? A photo can be retaken later but you only get one chance of being alive!