Thursday, April 01, 2010

Depot area

Depot IV and Depot VI. Which of these three is the PCC? The answer is none of them. The PCC (HTM 1147) has been moved to the exhibition hall but the signage hasn't.

I have heard that the exhibition will open on Friday so perhaps the vans and containers will disappear.
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  1. In the PCC Exhibition, the three trams are (from left):
    PCC Tram
    Prague 180
    Blackpool "Railcoach"

    And I'm on the back of Glasgow 22 in the bottom photo! I was the Conductor on it that day :-)

  2. 674 isn't a true PCC car; get your facts right please before making outlandish statements! Railcoach 298... thank god it's in there and out of the way!