Friday, April 16, 2010

Lviv - Thursday

Not a good day. We learned about the likely delays to our return flights and a traam came off the rails. The track here is awful and the check rail has been welded several times on this curve. They tried to drive it back on to the rails but the angle was too wide. We nipped for a beer whilst they sent for the US Cavalry but they were very quick and relaible witnesses say the tram continued in service.

As we sit in the wifi bar in this hotel in Lviv some of the group who were returing today will have got as far as Munich. The situation does not look good for tomorrow. We are booked to Munich and then LHR with Lufthansa and can only wait and see what happens.Posted by Picasa

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  1. Christoph17/4/10 10:21

    Re your journey home: Don't worry, there are quite a few train connections from Lviv to the UK. Shouldn't take more than 40 hours unless you spend a night in Krakow or Budapest...