Thursday, January 17, 2008

Outside In

These three pictures taken on 15th January will be the last of Crich until May. I had intended to get a few shots of the Outside Works team but it had rained all morning and they had been re-deployed indoors. So here is a general view with no one in sight and then pictures of the Sweet Shop and Rita's Cafe.

Following the discussion which developed in the comments to the post about "Best in Amber Valley" Christoph Heuer has suggested to start a forum for TMS members and staff. The forum is to follow along the lines of similar forums of other preservation societies in the UK, namely the Severn Valley Railway Association ( Christoph has set up a forum which will initially have the address If you like the idea, please visit and register, use the forum and invite others who may be interested but do not know about the forum. Christoph has already started some threads to give you an idea what can happen in this forum. He would like to point out that it is a matter of "use it or lose it". This forum is a private initiative and not directly connected to or endorsed by the TMS or any of the societies' officers.

So that's all for now from me except to say that I intend to publish some transport pictures of Australia and New Zealand and perhaps even air conditioned bus shelters in Dubai provided the technology works. Please click on the link.

We have now arrived in Dubai.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

London United

A few pictures of progress on LUT 159.
1. A Lampholder Pattress - one of the many small fittings that are being made.
2. The lower saloon body with the doors closed. To the left a corner of the new workshop security screen can be seen.
3. The other end of the body with the doors open. In the foreground Denis is at work repainting one of the Museum sign boards.
4. A newly delivered casting for one of the bogie side frames (lying on its side).

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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Wet winter's day

1. Our Tardis is still at Crich but it is a lighter shade of blue that the BBC's.
2. The points at Cliffside. I think these are to replaced this winter.
3. The points at Wakebridge which are to be replaced with plain track as a short-term measure prior to major reconstruction in 2008/9.
4. The BCTF team continue to work on improving the Woodland Walk.

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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Cardiff 131 2008

My first pictures for 2008 are of the continuing work on Cardiff 131.
1. The new underframe.
2. 131 will be equipped with refurbished B510 controllers - the first of which is pictured lying on its back with the barrel behind it. In the background are B18 controllers for Jo'burg 60.
3. As a non-passenger car 131 has a simple iron step to the platform. The picture shows the old one standing in the background and a brand new one lying on the bench.

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