Friday, June 28, 2019

SHEFFIELD ON 27 JUNE 2019 - Frank Bagshaw

Track relaying continues in Sheffield, currently between Shalesmoor and Hillsborough.
Yellow route trams from Meadowhall are terminating at Cathedral along with Purple route and Tram Train.

Tram 103 uses the Shalesmoor crossover as it sets off for Halfway
tram 120 in the former tram livery loads passengers at Shalesmoor before setting off wrong line for the nearby crossover.

Tram 123 prepares to return to Meadowhall at Cathedral

Sunday, June 23, 2019


It's been the Totally Models weekend in Blackpool. Several TMS members were there both visiting and exhibiting. Glorious weather on the promenade brought out the trams

Friday, June 21, 2019

CRICH ON JUNE 20 2019 - Frank Bagshaw

LUT 159 on it’s first day in service during 2019 stands on the rebuilt Glory Mine stub.


Trust you are now settled in Poole and benefiting from the sea air! Who needs Hong Kong when you can go to Wolverhampton!

On Wednesday 19th June I thought I would have a look at both ends of West Midlands Metro. I had anticipated that the Wolverhampton extension to the Station would be complete with the exception of the station area but this was far from the case. 

We move to the south end looking at the work between Grand Central and the Town Hall

Martin  claims the prize for spotting the first rail vehicle on the extension!

Friday, June 14, 2019

HONG KONG JUNE 2019 - Frank Bagshaw

Car 1045 running as a single unit. It has been commented that running like this they look like “toy trains”

Frank took the MTR to Tuen Mun and rode some of the Light Rail routes. Here is 1083 at one of several terminii

Some of these run as single cars - see first photo, or as a double unit as in this photo.
Tram 45 slowly makes its way along the single track loop at North Point. Today there was a lot of ringing of the bell, no wonder they are referred to as the “ding ding trams”

Here is tram 120 still carrying the older bodywork and livery awaiting passengers at Happy Valley terminus before returning to Whitty Street depot.