Monday, March 11, 2024

EDINBURGH - MARCH 2024 - Frank Bagshaw


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Frank Bagsgaw spent a cold day in Edinburgh riding the trams including the extension to Newhaven.
Allover green! Shades of Sheffield in 1952.
Newhaven terminus

273 at Ocean terminus

276 in green at Haymarket


Thursday, February 22, 2024

MANCHESTR METROLINK AT VICTORIA ON 13 February 2024 - Keith Chadbourne


3062 and the broken rail at Victoria (close up)

I went down to Manchester Victoria to see if I could find and photograph this broken rail that is causing problems to the use of the second city crossing. I found it and it looks as though it is part of a crossing casting and part for the first city crossing has been replaced, temporarily, by plain rail. I understand that it is being repaired by the manufacturer and in the meantime East Didsbury to Shaw trams are only gong to Exchange Square from East Didsbury whilst East Didsbury to Rochdale trams are going via Market St.



Tram 120 in its latest guise at Cathedral. Services in Sheffield are currently reduced due to a broken rail at Manor Top.