Monday, April 27, 2015


At Crich, Chesterfield 7 has been decorated to demonstrate the recruiting trams that ran in cities during WW1. Despite adverse critical comments appearing on another website, I think the museum staff have done a wonderful job in decorating this tram to give a feel of what recruiting trams looked like.
Seen here is the tram on it's test outing on April 17th. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

DUBLIN LUAS AT EASTER 2015 - Luis Vieira

Short Easter holidays in Ireland and the registered trams in Dublin Luas  07 and 08 Green Line, all others Red Line.

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Monday, April 06, 2015

SOUTH AFRICA - Frank Bagshaw

Frank Bagshaw has recently visited South Africa and courtesy of the Friends of the James Hall Museum of Transport was able to inspect the collection of trams and trolleybuses.

Jo'burg 20

Here is Jo’berg 22, the last tram to run in the city in 1961. This tram nearly came to Crich but was finally substituted for number 60

To reach the top of Cape of Good Hope, a cable tramway operates with two cars to take visitors to the summit and lighthouse.

Jo'burg 214

Notices at the bottom of the stairs

Interior Jo'burg 214

Upper deck end seats in Jo’burg 214
he wine estates at Franschhoek were connected by a narrow gauge railway. The track is still in place so part of it has been “fettled up” and a single replica toast-rack tram fitted with a diesel engine operates a daily tourist service linking wine estates with a connecting bus service. I sampled the tram and the produce of the estates. 

Here is a photo of an unusual bus that would have interested Richard: built on a trolleybus chassis. Half the fleet were fitted with Rolls Royce marine engines.