Friday, October 28, 2011

Hello World

I am still in hospital and will be for a few more days.
Thanks to all who have sent me messages of sympathy. Blog posts will return soon including a few recent pictures from Japan


Friday, October 21, 2011


Friday 1900 hours  update.
Richard has spent the day and tonight in the ICU due to very low oxygen levels.   He has been diagnosed with acute pancreatitis and will be in hospital for a few days while they stabilise him and try to find out the underlying cause.  You will know when his is back home as the blog will suddenly spring to life.  Maybe I've got to go out with my camera as substitute, between hospital visits!!


Hello blog fans.

Unfortunately there won't be any new blog posts for a while as Richard was taken into hospital last night with severe stomach pains and sickness. I left him at the hospital at 0200 about to have an XRay. Not sure what the problem is yet, but hope to find out in the morning (it's 0300 as I write this). 
Richard says he hopes whatever it is, it will be mended as quickly as the overhead at Heaton Park! Kath

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Horse tram Sunday

From Wim Beukenkamp
"Perhaps you can down load this picture for your blog.
The event was quite unique, because it shows a working horse tram running through The Hague last Sunday in the midst of normal tram traffic (look at the articulated car in the background).
This is the first time a horse tram operated in The Haguesince 1905. And apparently it is possible to run such antiques on a modern tram systems."
The tram in is not from The Hague but from the interurban horse tramway that operated between Utrecht and Zeist.
It is owned by the Railway Museumin in Utrecht and was restored in The Hague by a small team including Wim and his wife Josina.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Heaton Park Tramway Update

"All overhead has now been replaced and now just awaits final testing on Sunday.
Thank you for all the messages of support and offers of help that have been received.
Also a major thank you to Peter Price our overhead line engineer and the rest of our volunteers that got stuck in."
Martin Bryan

Pictures by Joe Savage.

Sevilla (2)

Leaving AdI

Turn back at SB

Depot access between SB and PdSS

A little bit of history. Remnant of metre gauge system in Sevilla with one track in situ and a rosette above.

Metre guage track outside Granada station which is due to be swept away in the next couple of years for a new high speed establishment.
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sevilla (1)

Martin Miller has been to Seville recently:
"Sevilla has a fairly short system running from Plazza Nueva through Archivo de Indias, Puerta de Jezez, Prado de San Sebastian to San Bernardo. The section from San Sebastion to San Bernardo opened a few months ago and provides a useful link to the RENFE station there. The section from Plazza Nueva to Archivo de Indias is unwired and battery operated and incorporates interlaced tracks past the cathedral."

Plazza Nueva

Between PN and AdI

Leaving interlaced

On interlaced approaching AdI

To be continued...

Monday, October 17, 2011

Bad News from Heaton Park

From Martin Bryan:
"Heaton Park Tramway is currently closed until further notice due to a theft of the overhead that happened some time between staff leaving yesterday evening and this morning. At the moment no further information is available but will be publicised once it is."

A quick update
"Approximately 40-50 metres of overhead cable has been stolen from the two reserved sections of the tramway.
An overhead specialist has been called in and a cherry picker hired in order for the damage to be thoroughly checked.
The tramway is not expected to reopen anytime soon."


"Hi Richard
Oxford Diecast have bought out their second N gauge tram - this one is in Birmingham livery - tram 61 going to Lodge Street.
And ironically today was the last open day at Aston Manor Transport Museum - The former Witton Tram Shed
best wishes
Ken Jones"

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Accident in Belgium

I have been sent this link about an accident on the Belgian coastal tramway on Friday.

Here is a Google translation of the text:

Several injured after tram accident in Newport
Friday, October 14, 2011 at 10:03

Newport - UPDATE + VIDEO - In Newport is around 9:30 am Friday morning tram derailed. While two were seriously injured and 29 slightly injured. No one is in danger.
The accident happened at the height of the King Albert I monument at the locks. The tram, which ran from Ostend towards De Panne, derailed in a curve and came with his nose pressed to find a pole. There were about 100 passengers in the vehicle, especially older people who were on their way to market.

Two seriously injured and dozens of minor injuries were taken to hospitals in Ostend and Furnes charged. A number of other minor injuries could be provided on site. The passengers were unharmed, buses were brought to a shelter. There were 15 ambulances on site, and the MUG helicopter was deployed. The contingency plan was as effective, but that was quickly canceled.

tram Traffic 
By the accident, there was no tram traffic between Nieuwpoort-Bad-Calculus and Westende. The Line is the damage to the tracks and the overhead and repaired as quickly as possible since Saturday afternoon around 15.30 hours, there was another tram traffic at the scene of the accident. That was usually the weekend after the case.

About the cause of the accident, there is no clarity. The tram is at the entrance of Newport flown off the road. According to witnesses the tram drove very fast, but that does not confirm the line. The public prosecutor has appointed an expert.

Leeds 345 update

Leeds 345 is still in the workshop.

Recently the white lower saloon ceiling panels have been replaced and also some of the ornate wooden ventilator strips highlighted in the middle picture.
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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011

Thankyou Romania

Andreea Dogar has published the Romanian language version of our visit to Romania in June and July this year. Thanks Andreea and thanks also to the many Romanians who have looked at my blogs recently. I will find some more pictures of Romania during the coming winter.
This blog is devoted to trams but I have also published some pictures of trains and buses seen on our 2011 journey on I have added a label 'Romania' to this blog so click on the link, scroll down and click on the label 'Romania'. Yes I know that Moldova is not part of Romania but it was in the past and perhaps it will be one day.

New Blackpool

Tony Stevenson has sent me these pictures taken on 5th October of the new depot and workshop in Blackpool.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Back of an envelope calculations

Last week my driver on Leeds 180 commented that he had done 60 traffic duties at Crich this year and still had a few to do in October. We then speculated that the national minimum wage would be about £50 per day so that, had he been an employee, he would have earned at least £3,000. The cost to the Museum would be in the region of £4,500 to account for NI, holiday pay, pension contributions etc.
The Museum is open for over 200 days a year and the minimum staffing requirement is an inspector, 2 drivers and 2 conductors. Multiplying this up we arrived at a wage bill of £250 per day x 200 = £50,000 + additional costs = £75,000 per year for a minimum two car tram service.
I have only done 16 conductor duties but these have saved the Museum £1,200.
Glasgow 22 and Leeds 180 were the service trams again yesterday. An ideal combination for the time of year.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blackpool by night

"Hi richard we had a lovely weekend and got some great photos it seems such a shame to think most of the fleet will be withdrawn from service when the new fleet come into use,trams are still not running any further than pleasure beach which is so annoying how long they been on it , anyway hope u enjoy my photos kind regards nigel ."

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lisbon / Portugal Trams, Buses and Trains

"Dear Sir
The accidental discovery of your fabulous blog, gave me great joy.
My congratulations for the high quality and diversity of images that I had the honor of enjoying.
I am an enthusiast of British CCFL buses, particularly AEC.
Unfortunatelly, avalilable photos are quiet rare and often with poor quality and lots of models and buses keep almost unknown.
Thank you for your contribution.
Having gone, I'm left with the trams, a fabulous treausure still alive.
Whenever it´s possible, I´m going to Baixa and other old places in Lisbon, where trams still live.
Humbly, I am pleased to send you some pictures taken on the morning of last Sunday.
I hope you enjoy.
With kindest regards,
Luis Filipe Vieira"

Monday, October 10, 2011

Great News

"We finally managed to launch our website and today I published your story about your trip in Romania in 1982. On Thursday we will publish the second part, about your 2011 journey.
Here is a link to the article:
And here are some links to other articles about Romanians that like public transport:
Thank you very much.
Your sincerely,
Andreea Dogar"

Thanks very much Andreea. I look forward to seeing the next part.

Sunday, October 09, 2011


I have invested in some equipment to convert old analogue video tapes into digital files and this is my first test. Many readers will recognise the trams and the location, some will recognise the tram conductress but when was it filmed?
Congratulations Alan, it was filmed the following Easter.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Leeds 180

Yesterday I was Leeds 180's conductor.

The other tram in service was Glasgow 22.

Leeds 180 is a very nice tram these days and is a credit to the Museum. As can be seen from the pictures the bodywork is immaculate and the ride quality is superb in the hands of a skilled driver.