Thursday, October 13, 2011

Back of an envelope calculations

Last week my driver on Leeds 180 commented that he had done 60 traffic duties at Crich this year and still had a few to do in October. We then speculated that the national minimum wage would be about £50 per day so that, had he been an employee, he would have earned at least £3,000. The cost to the Museum would be in the region of £4,500 to account for NI, holiday pay, pension contributions etc.
The Museum is open for over 200 days a year and the minimum staffing requirement is an inspector, 2 drivers and 2 conductors. Multiplying this up we arrived at a wage bill of £250 per day x 200 = £50,000 + additional costs = £75,000 per year for a minimum two car tram service.
I have only done 16 conductor duties but these have saved the Museum £1,200.
Glasgow 22 and Leeds 180 were the service trams again yesterday. An ideal combination for the time of year.

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  1. Whats your point Richard ?
    You are a volunteer, a volunteer is somebody that does a service willingly without pay .
    What do you guys want ?
    Is there any reason that you feel the need to remind us ?
    If you feel the need to pat yourself on the back then do so .

  2. David Holt14/10/11 09:23

    Just posting a comment that isn't nasty, to redress the balance a bit. I truly appreciate your work past and ongoing Richard, and that of every other volunteer. I'm just sorry that your interesting and informative blog doesn't attract more feedback. Is there anyone else out there?