Saturday, October 01, 2011

223 006 - 4

Berlin 3006 entered service at Crich in 1997 and has been very successful in its role as Access Tram. However it must be remembered that vehicles from the former DDR were not well known for their build quality so 3006 was withdrawn last Saturday for a major overhaul. It should return to service next spring in its earlier predominantly cream livery.
3006 at Town End on 12th September.

In the workshop on 28th September.

3006 doesn't have a removable truck or bogies. Each axle hornway is fastened directly to the body next to an independently mounted leaf spring, again attached directly to the body.The axle boxes then sit under the leaf springs.

Now that the pantograph has been removed the roof mounted resistances can be seen.

An easily seen example of rusting body panels.

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