Friday, October 14, 2011

New Blackpool

Tony Stevenson has sent me these pictures taken on 5th October of the new depot and workshop in Blackpool.

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  1. Hi richard
    I like the new blackpool tram photos any, more of the tram, lovely colour , any idea why its on jacks has it got its running gear fitted? Allso do you know if there's a definite date when these start running I've asked blackpool transport a few month ago but it seems to be a grey area they don't give a time.
    Kind regards nigel

  2. 1. See for some pics of the tram out on test on the system, at numerous locations. No need to be a member, and you want the gallery 'News EXTRA: Blackpool'.
    2. I assume it's just to demonstrate how the jacks work, as there's no need to actually 'lift' the tram yet and it's still needed for testing.
    3. Good Friday 2012, though you may see it on test before.

    HTH, Jack