Saturday, August 06, 2011

A white van

My point is that if someone stepped out from behind your van, the tram driver wouldn't stand a chance. A 100 year old tram doesn't have the braking distance of a modern van so we must keep the drivers' sight lines clear. I was involved in a near miss with a lorry just over a year ago and don't want to repeat the experience.
If you must bring your van on site I suggest that you park round the corner in front of the Assembly Rooms.
Finally such an accident would have to be reported to Her Majesty's Railway Inspectors and could result in legal proceedings.


  1. White Van Man6/8/11 17:54

    And your point is? We have to deliver when the museum is open - and also fit in with our delivery schedule. What else do you suggest?

  2. after seeing these comments, i agree with whit van man that we some times have to make deliveries but yes not park on the pavements. As for the driver of 45 should be able to pull up as he should be going at a slow speed after coming out of the crossover and for passing the van.

  3. Gary Conn6/8/11 22:01

    I can't see why delivery drivers can't park at the staff gate and bring their delivery in that way. Obviously some larger deliveries/items like traction motors etc need on site delivery but for a couple of boxes of books or a few tubs of ice cream then there's really no need to drive on site and spoil the atmoshphere that the museum is blessed with.

  4. G W Ryder (a Member since 1963)11/8/11 21:15

    There is no doubt in my mind that the Members of the TMS should demand an Extra Ordinary General Meeting of the Tramway Museum Society as soon as possible and properly debate the future of the TMS for the 21st century. A new Board should be appointed which agrees that ALL Board and committee Minutes are readily available to the Membership so all can see what decisions are being made and why. The Bluebell Railway publish their Minutes to their Membership, so why does the TMS not do so? The Membership is apathetic because it is not consulted by the Board nor are Members participation and comment openly invited. The future of the TMS cannot be left in the hands of closed rank and secretive Board and its appointed committees. I think that the letter to Mr Lomas from the Secretary is rude an tactless to a long serving volunteer. What is his crime? All organisations need a variety of volunteers. If the TMS Board actually want Mr Lomas to resign as a member they should say so directly and state their reasons. Then it is for the Membership to decide in a democratic vote.

  5. Anonymous15/8/11 16:46

    I agree that a modern vehicle is "out of character" but surely from the tram driver's perspective, this is no different from passing the depot gates (northbound) or passing a vintage bus that's been allowed to park near the 'Red Lion' and so on.