Saturday, August 27, 2011

A rainy day

It rained from 10:30 until 15:30 yesterday and there was a shortage of wet weather trams.

I was J'burg 60's conductor.

Of the 3 trams out, Glasgow 812 was the only one suitable for the prevailing weather conditions.

Wim - my understanding is that my driver had the choice of Chesterfield 7 or Jo'burg 60 on Friday and it was already starting to rain. If I had been the driver, I would have declined both of them and signed off but as conductor I merely got out my umbrella.
The next day when the weather was better Blackpool 40 and LT 1622 were out. 


  1. Part of real authenticity is tram staff doing their duty completely unprotected and soaked to the skin. Apparently Crich is getting this right to the detail. More serious: don't tell me that this is the entire operational fleet out of 84 artefacts?

  2. John Kettley28/8/11 21:28

    Strange how we never hear any adverse comments on here from you or from other conductors when selfish drivers and Inspectors allow fully enclosed trams to be taken out when it's baking hot! The proof is on this blog!!!!

  3. Anonymous29/8/11 17:11

    Remember it's the paying public who should have the final say on what is a suitable tram on a wet day . After all they can vote with their feet if they don't like what's provided. I'm sure most of them couldn't give a rat's arse about the driver or conductor getting wet! The words heat and kitchen come to mind. Howie "B"

  4. Michael Fish29/8/11 20:58

    Hardly looks like a busy day considering the weather, so if it was that bad why the need for three trams anyway?? No wonder the first generation trams got scrapped is it when everytime it rained the trams stayed in their nice dry depots, the crews went home and sat infront of the fire and everybody else got pee wet through walking to work?

  5. I can remember well one of the best driving days I had at Crich. I was given a choice of Southampton 45 or a closed double decker (can't recall which one). Having chosen 45 and done a couple of round trips it started snowing. No complaints from the passengers so we kept it out and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, But there again I am a Northern lad!