Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Lord High Everything

or poor Corporate Governance.

One person holds all of the following ten posts at the National Tramway Museum.
  • Honorary Secretary of the Tramway Museum Society
  • Board Member for Property Ownership
  • Board Member for Retail & Catering
  • Board Member for The Journal
  • Secretary of the Co-ordinating Committee
  • Secretary of the Development Committee
  • Insurance Officer
  • Traffic Department Inspector
  • Editor of Contact
  • East Midlands Museum Service Board Member
This person now has absolute control of The Journal and Contact. "The Journal will  henceforth be produced by the Editor and any editorial assistants on the basis that the entire content of each issue including captions and editorials must be supplied to the Board member responsible for the Journal in a timely manner and his/her decision upon inclusion of each and every item, including photographs and captions, will be final."

I declined to sign up to this because I believe that such a concentration of power is completely and utterly wrong and that no one is infallible even The Lord High Everything.

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  1. Lee Marvin17/8/11 08:57

    Is this the same empire builder who sounds as though he has overdosed on helium ?