Sunday, August 07, 2011

What's in a name?

I think that the TMS should revert to its previous practice and name buildings after members who have worked hard for the Museum in the past rather than employees' children. My suggestion would be Betty's after Betty and Doug Vernon. Both Doug and Betty were enthusiastic supporters of the Museum and Doug was a former President. His ashes were scattered at Wakebridge.
Posted by PicasaKen Jones has reminded me that "Bettys is a trade name of  cafes and coffee shops in North Yorkshire and I think they could get upset" and suggests "call it Richard's place because it appears some people [not me] wish you were dead".

I just want the owners of The Museum (TMS Members) to be consulted about this and lots of other more important things and for their views to be taken into account before decisions are made.

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  1. David Holt12/8/11 09:22

    Perhaps there should be a "Least Appreciated Volunteers" award for the society showing the worst prejudice against non-employees. The trophy could be a little plastic toilet inscribed “LAV Award”, to be presented annually by the RHA. Any nominations?