Thursday, July 22, 2010

It didn't rain afterall

Yesterday, the weather forecast on the BBC, Channel 4 and this computer was for rain in the afternoon. Therefore trams with roofs was the order of the day and I couldn't beleive my luck when Glasgow 812 was suggested by my driver. Jo'burg 60 was the other.
Needless to say it didn't rain but we had a very pleasant day meeting visitors from as far away as New Zealand and Holbrook. These pictures were taken on our last journey and I appologise for the destination blinds but we had had nearly full loads on most journeys.
It was my turn to lock Wakebridge sub station. I will take some more pictures of this next week.Posted by Picasa


  1. 812's destination blinds look a pain to change, and a little complicated! When I had Blackpool 40 on Monday we went all over the place because they were really easy to change and it was a very quiet day. My driver kept complaining that he didn't know where he was going! lol

  2. Diddums. Who cares where the tram goes, as long as it's not "Special" or "Reserved"...! What matters most is the visitor - if they are local and it's on the blind, stick it up - it'll make their day. Apparently the museum makes no money from enthusiasts, so let's chuck accuracy out of the window! And don't twiddle, it's an addictive habit that people get into. I am of the view that the winders should be taken off. (Cue surprise from a number of people!) And 812 isn't a pain, you just have to do it right.

  3. Gary Conn25/7/10 18:14

    [anorak on] I think it's nice to change the destination a few times during the day - if not each trip - if time permits. It allows some variety to visitors who take multiple photos during the day and some visitors may actually think it's a different tram!!! It also allows the public to see a destination being changed, seeing the destinations appear and disappear in the screen box is an interesting sight and something that will be lost in the flipdot and LED screen era we are now in! I don't think accuracy really matters, as 812 was never actually a yellow route car - was it!?! [anorak off]

  4. I was conductor on 812 yesterday (but for the first two trips I was on 167 (now released for service)) and it was so hectic I didn't have chance to change the blinds: they still said (and I assume still say) "Anniesland vis Hyndland" on route 4B!