Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Leeds 399 and Blackpool 167

Observant readers will notice that 399 and 167 have changed places in the workshop. This is because the workshop staff were not happy with one of 167's motor bearings so 167 was lifted over the weekend and the motor was sent away for attention on Monday.

Most of these componants belong to 399's truck and which will be re-assembled once the new axle arrives.

The green componants on the right are 167's lifeguards.Posted by Picasa


  1. The contractors who made the bearings for 167 made them to the wrong tolerances so they failed during testing. The same contractors are making new bearings to the correct tolerances at no extra charge, so once the new ones are fitted 167 is ready for testing and hopefully passenger service :-)

  2. He who knows from the 'dark side'7/7/10 22:55

    Rich. You really are skating on seriously very thin ice making comments like this on subjects you know absolutely nothing about or have first hand information of. Yet again you have quite obviously, by whatever means been given flawed information and then you have foolishly posted it on an open forum.

    To set the record straight ALL your comments regarding the motor bearings on 167 are TOTALLY incorrect, including the allegations and implications regarding the contractor and the works carried out.


  3. The information I have just given was what I had been told by one of the Workshop staff. If you are telling me I am wrong, then you are also saying that the people in the Workshop do not know what they are talking about, and therefore that they should not be working on the trams.
    I was there when 167 was being shunted into Road 2, and that is when I asked the Workshop staff what was happening. I was also there when 167's trucks were rolled out from underneath and the body lowered back down. So I have first hand information on it, and mean no disrespect to the contractors or anyone concerned with it: the contractor obviously made a mistake (and come on, who doesn't make mistakes?) and they are rectifying it themselves, so no harm done.

    I have noticed that whenever certain people (including myself) post comments on this blog that they are instantly victimised and told that they are wrong by people who hide behind either "Anonymous" or something else other than their name. This could be classed as cyber-bullying and therefore a criminal offense. But, unfortunately, you hide behind your silly names like cowards. If you have a problem with someone's comment, come out into the open and use your name, or don't hurl abuse. Better yet, don't hurl abuse at anyone: would you do it if we were face-to-face? No. So why on here? Grow up.

    Apologies for the rant! lol