Thursday, July 01, 2010

exhibition hall


  1. Mr Harry Beaver10/7/10 15:41

    Am i the only person to think that the exhibition hall looks worse than it did before the £500,000 refurbishment ? Me and my Family came shortly after it had been done and we actually found it quite a dissapointment.I know it isnt fully finished yet,but i think it is a big let down.Who was responsible for this balls up???? Again the museum has fixed something(badly)that wasnt broken,that money should have gone to renovating the tired and shabby tea rooms in my eyes !!!!

  2. I have just visited the refurbished exhibition hall with two friends (enthusiasts from Amsterdam). I took the test of letting them loose in the building without saying anything and asked them afterwards what they thought of it.
    They found it very good and above all: self explaining. The visibility of the trams is good. The explanation cards with with the trams are good and there is logic in the display.
    My thoughts were exactly the same. The old exhibition resembled a genuine display of an enthusiasts' collection in his attic. A lot on display, not understandable to lay people nor any logic in their display. The trams were hurdled together without any explanation why they were there or what their individual history was. So yes Harry, I can't speak for others but I think the present display is a huge improvement of what it was.
    Another thing is that the present lay-out makes the display area more flexible, with the possibility of changing the theme every couple of years in stead having to endure the Glasgow rain for 17 years on end.
    Another thing is that I sincerely hope that contributions to this blog can and will be more civilised then some of them have been. I know the Dutch have a reputation for being blunt. But being blunt is not the same as being rude or abusive. Some of the language used, such as in the previous one, is appalling. A very bad example of elder people who should know better. This is not your House of Commons!

  3. Harry, I think you're very much in the minority in your views, and I am sure that you are probably an old(er) chap like much of the rest of the museum who sees no need for change. Well, put frankly, you're wrong. I've banged on about this before and my views on the Hall so I will spare people the gory details - they're elsewhere on this blog - but I will just say I reckon that the Museum will recruit a good few new (young) members from the new Hall - I doubt they would have got any from what was - for want of a better word - a bunch of trams dumped in a depot.

    Wim, well said!