Thursday, May 23, 2019

CRICH ON WDNESDAY 22 May 2019 - Frank Bagshaw

Frank Bagshaw spent an enjoyable day at Crich on Wednesday crewing for the Ultimate Tram Driving Experience. The tram used was Liverpool 869 seen here at Glory Mine.

Monday, May 20, 2019

CRICH GLORY MINE 20 MAY 2019 - Frank Bagshaw

Blackpool 40 on the newly laid Glory Mine passing loop. Track on the left not yet commissioned.

The newly laid Glory Mine stub can accommodate two trams.

Sunday, May 19, 2019

CRICH - OPORTO 273 ON 15 MAY 2019 - FrankBagshaw

In service at Crich 15th May

Oporto 273 at Town End in service

Saturday, May 18, 2019


Route 15 at Praca Figueira

Electricork Tour Tram- these 700's now run a tour from P.Figuer to Belem

Ticket machines on 15

Route 25- driver using the official mirror to change destination blind

Route 12 at Martim Moniz - note the queue waiting for the 28!

Route 28 - the car on the left is out of service using the former Graca circle curver

New Gloria livery!

Route 24 at Campolide

Graca memories - mural on side of tram

Route 28 passing a fancy building at Estrela

Santo Amaro Museum

Santo Amaro Museum
Dedication at Restoradores to the Pavers of Lisboon
Tribute to the pavers of Lisbon

Transport around the museum


Never ending queue at Infante
Trams passing the signboards showing the history of the street which have some very nice tram pictures
Approaching Mercado
Matosinhos on way to  Mercado
Reaching the top of the hill
Up the hill to Batalha
22 on way to Batalha at Sao Bento
Last run on route 22 in the sunset


Some of tghe 15 cars in this year's parade


A splendid event put on by Brussels for this anniversary, loads of people attending as well as enthusiasts.

Works car train stretched half way around the roundabout

Trams and people as far as the eye could see

Endof works cars and beginning of passenger cars

Snow broom 95 last swept snow in 1975

PCC restored to its original  conditionb of  1952

9098 first batch of cars which allowed one man operation

1934 no 102 showing off its doors

1914 tram no 1763 modified in the 1930s las cars without pneumatic doors

Sgteam tram

The steam tram had a small section of track


A few Vicinal trams were also on display

1305 with trailer 671 built for 1910 World Fair


Biscuit handed out to promote the new Brussels tram on display - couldn't get a photo!

7019 from 1952 fitted out as a garbage collectgor for he Metro

Part of the works car train

More works car train

and more......

Horse car 6 from 1889

Horse car 2 from 1891

346 from 1903

5025 ordered for the 1935 World Fair

2118 Standard car from the 1930s

1763 from 1914

Horse car 509 from 1888

Segway police patrol