Saturday, June 30, 2018

CRICH ON 29/30 JUNE 2018 - Frank Bagshaw

Workshop shunting on June 30th saw Sheffield 510 outside showing it’s new dash and paintwork.

Frank reports an enjoyable day conducting on Friday on Chesterfield 7. Also in service was Leeds 180 and Blackpool 236.

Crich workshop view Friday 29th June.

Newcastle 102 has finally been moved in the workshop for work to commence. The cost is being supported by the Tramcar Sponsorship Organisation. First task is to remove the trucks and commence the detailed restoration work.

Thursday, June 28, 2018


Sheffield Supertram rail replacement work now occupies from Birley Vale to Halfway with trams terminating at   Birley Lane. Here tram 116 uses the Birley Vale crossover to return to City and Malin Bridge.
**I have been asked by Anuj Agarwal of Feedspot to mention the following list of top 10 transport blogs if you are interested.  Apparently this blog is number 9 on the list.**

Thursday, June 07, 2018

CRICH JUNE 2018 - Frank Bagshaw

At Crich, LCC 106 travels through the Quarry on it’s way to Glory Mine.

Tuesday, June 05, 2018


Malmo 74  1946

Odense 12 1913

Copenhagen 22, 1900 (one of two double deckers)

Hamburg 3060, latterly Brussels 7000, 1951

Aarhus 54, 1947 (metre gauge)

Copenhagen 51, 1876

Starbucks builders plate origin unknown (possibly 51)

Copenhagen 327, 1912 and trailer 1321, 1914

Copenhagen maximum traction bogie 100, 1901

NESA 929, 1939

Oslo 203, 1946

as above

Tram 100 with trailer

Terminus loop in the woods with Tram Cafe and picnic benches

Monday, June 04, 2018

PORTO Desfile 5 MAY 2018

A good day was had at the Des Fils with sunny weather.  We also managed to get a look into the depot at Massarelos and saw ongoing restoration works.

SEATON IN APRIL & MAY 2018 - Keith Chadbourne

Work is still progressing on the new terminus so trams are still going from Riverside with a shuttle coach connection to Seaton.
Ready for service on 29 May

15 at Riverside

15 at Riverside trolley turning

11 at Riverside in April

02 and 16 at Riverside on 29 May