Tuesday, May 31, 2022


 Out and about with Frank. Saturday: a visit to Heaton Park, Manchester. Stockport 5 in service where trainee conductor was Derek Shepherd's daughter.

Blackpool railcoach at Heaton Park

Have Metrolink produced a purple tram for the Platinum Jubilee, no it’s USDAW promoting advert. 

Friday afternoon in Nottingham: NET 228 at Highbury Vale waiting for a Clifton South tram to exit the single track from Phoenix Park.

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

SUMMERLEE ON 13 MAY 2022 - Frank Bagshaw

 Frank visited Summerlee on May 13th to review progress on Glasgow Coronation 1245.
Here is an external view of it's current status.


Along with a representative of the STTS, a visit was made to Summerlee in Coatbridge to review progress of work on Glasgow Coronation 1245. Restoration to enable it to run on the short museum track and give visitors the experience of riding a Glasgow tram.The volunteers working on the tram - who are not tram enthusiasts - just a group of retired guys with engineering skills whose aim is to get the tram operating again with finance from the local Council. 
Lanarkshire 53

BLACKPOOL 7 MAY 2022- Frank Bagshaw and Brent Higham

Flexity 001 on the Promenade
Flexity 006 in Fleetwood
Railcoach 631 returning to depot after being on a Private Hire.
Flexity 012 at Starr Gate
Balloon 717 waiting at Tower to operate a tour.
Bolton 66 at North Pier. Hands up those who remember Alan Ralphs and Derek Shepard who masterminded the restoration of this car!