Monday, August 28, 2023

DERBY No1 MOVES TO NEW HOME - Crich Tramway News

Derby No1 outside the Exhibition Hall at  Crich Museum

No 1 on trailer ready to depart for new home

Derby 1 on Depot Fan

Arrival at new venue, rails being set for offloading

No 1 emerging from the Exhibition Hall

On the transporter ariving at the new venue

In the new home, vast exhjibition hall, with helpers and crew

Arrival at new home

In situ

This picture shows Derby 1 looking a bit lost in the new exhibition hall.
On 31 May this year Derby No1 was returned to Crich to prepare for its move to a new temporary home in Derby - Great Northern Classics - a new exhibition venue in an old Derby tram depot. The tram was at the museum for some restoratin work to be done prior to the move. The move took place on 21 August 2023 and after several hours of tricky manoeuvring is now in its place in the hall. It will be sitting below a glass walled viewing gallery and surrounded by many other classic vehicles.
The exhibition is due to open to the public in November 2023.



NET ON 26 AUGUST 2023 - Frank Bagshaw

.Citadis 221 bound for Clifton South on Queens Walk - reserved tram tracks.

issues on NET in August.
Track/points being relaid at the Forest tram stop this month. Tram replacement buses running from Market Street to Wilkinson Street.
At the same time a truck has damaged overhead wire in Beeston so Tram replacement buses were running from University of Nottingham to Cator Lane.
 Here is the work at Forest.



 A short visit to meet friends and to have lunch at the Great Western pub.

Nigel, Brian and Mike with 28 at Edgbaston Village

33 arriving Edgbaston Village on battery

33 ready to depart Edgbaston Village with new bus stops alongside

33 leaving Brindley Placew towards Wolverhampton

Monday, August 21, 2023

MANCHESTER METROLINK W/C 14 AUGUST 2023 - Keith Chadbourne

3107 leaving the Trafford Centre on Barton Dock Road

3107 on Barton Dock Road passing the Holiday Inn

3130 on Barton Dock Road approaching the Trafford Centre


Thursday, August 10, 2023


Recent track relaying in the Hillsborough area has seen Blue line trams terminating at Shalesmoor  and Yellow line services running Meadowhall to Cathedral only.
Here tram 107 reverses at Shalesmoor starting its return journey to Halfway.

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399 203 departs Rotherham Parkgate for Cathedral.