Tuesday, May 30, 2017

PORTO 18-21 MAY AND 26-28 MAY

Departing Masserelos en route to Carmo

Tram from Infante passing the old church near Massarelos junction

Route 22 just crossed Av. Aliados en route toCarmo

Metro at San Ovidio - for some reason only this platform was in use

Tram 191 on a special

Route 1 towards Infante on the passing loop at Alfandega, car 131 built by Brill in 1909

The Belgian car on the passing loop near Alfandega

Route 1 on way to Infante from Passeio Alegre

An old photo on the wall of a cafe in Praca Liberdade - showing a tram coming down the hill near San Bento station with ox carts in view

Route 22 on way approaching Carmo Terminus passing the Art Deco shop front

Route 22 tram entering the terminus at Carmo passing the churches

LISBON 22-26 MAY 2017

The annual visit to Lisbon and Porto took place between 18 and 28 May.

556 on route 12 in Praca Figueira

582 on route 25 in Praca Figueira

Route 15 entering the termius at Praca Figueira

745 on route around Graca on Hills Tram Tour

The Gloria Elevador more graffitied than ever

745 on the way through Calvario which is having a serous makeover

Calvario - only trams towards Alges and Ajuda stop in the square

550 at Ajuda terminus

542 on the Ajuda route near Boa |Hora with learner driver


During the Bank Holiday the line was closed between Wilkinson Street and The Forest for track work at Wilkinson Street and welding and grinding work near Forest. This resulted in turn backs at The Forest using the centre road. Scenes show this and a special movement through the blockade to permit a tram that had been treated with graffiti to return to the depot.

Nottingham Express Transit Bank Holiday Track Work

Monday, May 29, 2017

MANCHESTER METROLINK 18 MAY 2017 - Martin Miller

A visit to Manchester Metrolink has resulted in several videos from Martin.

Manchester Metrolink Etihad Campus

Manchester Metrolink MediaCityUK Junction

Manchester Metrolink MediaCityUK

Manchester Metrolink Exchange Quay
Manchester Metrolink Pomona


BORDEAUX IN MAY 2017 - Frank Bagshaw

Frank Bagshaw has visited Bordeaux, -  photos of trams running on grassed reservations.

Thursday, May 11, 2017


A flying visit to Porto for the annual Desfile event which for some reason was early in May this year.
Tram 218 setting off back to Carmo from Batalha between the two lovely old shop fronts

218 on way to Batalha rounding the corner at the top of the hill

Lifeguards on 315

104 and 18 passing at Massarelos depot

287 at Infante, the first journey since the newly-restored car was relaunched

Controller on 274

The Coal Car with drum band having a great time

247 at Passeio Allegre

288 and 22 returning to the depot

Sunday 7 May and The Presidential train was in Sao Bento station ready for 1130 departure to the Douro Valley

First Class lounge car

Beautifully restored carriages

Monday, May 08, 2017

GIANT'S CAUSEWAY MAY 2017 - Frank Bagshaw

Frank Bagshaw has recently visited Northern Ireland and found the last remaining tram track from the Belfast City Tramways.
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Frank rode the Giant's Causeway and Bushmills railway in Northern Ireland - currently diesel propelled/hauled in a fixed formation on 3' gauge track. It runs for 2 miles from the Giant's Causeway to Bushmills along the bed of the former Giant's Causeway tramway. Bushmills is famous for is whiskey distilling - the oldest licenced distillery dating from 1608.  Seen here is the "tram" and it's diesel locomotive modelled on the design of the former tramway vehicles - although they were open sided..

Anybody know (without looking it up) what gauge this Belfast City track was laid to?