Tuesday, May 30, 2017

PORTO 18-21 MAY AND 26-28 MAY

Departing Masserelos en route to Carmo

Tram from Infante passing the old church near Massarelos junction

Route 22 just crossed Av. Aliados en route toCarmo

Metro at San Ovidio - for some reason only this platform was in use

Tram 191 on a special

Route 1 towards Infante on the passing loop at Alfandega, car 131 built by Brill in 1909

The Belgian car on the passing loop near Alfandega

Route 1 on way to Infante from Passeio Alegre

An old photo on the wall of a cafe in Praca Liberdade - showing a tram coming down the hill near San Bento station with ox carts in view

Route 22 on way approaching Carmo Terminus passing the Art Deco shop front

Route 22 tram entering the terminus at Carmo passing the churches

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