Monday, July 26, 2010

Caption required

A suggestion from a member who is rumoured to have been in hospital for two weeks.
"I know I need new shoes but I'm not sure about 'sixties' white knee-length boots."
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  1. Anonymous26/7/10 09:53

    Dr Findlay, Do you think the horse will be OK for Saturday? We need the tram for the new President's trip.

  2. Dr. Majolica26/7/10 22:37

    Despite the best efforts of veterinary surgeons Purblind, Boothby & Canker MRCVS, the shock of how much the Exhibition Hall re-vamp had cost proved too much for poor old Dobbin.

  3. Anonymous26/7/10 22:56

    " My Boy Scout's knife had a gadget fot getting stones out of horses hooves".