Friday, November 06, 2009

Town End - Friday 6th November

Kath broke my camera yesterday, so no pictures today. I can report that the concrete base is now complete and that the rail and pointwork will be delivered from Germany on Monday.
I will be away from Crich for the next couple of weeks so the workshop staff have promised to take some pictures of what should be the most exciting part of the project. 
Message from Kath - it's actually OUR camera.


  1. Anonymous6/11/09 19:34

    But aren't the workshop staff paid to work in the workshop and not stroll off taking pictures for an unofficial blog?

  2. Jonathan Johansson7/11/09 08:50

    this comment is not really needed who would you like to take pictures if richard can't and since the the re shuffle of outside works and workshop the track comes under the workshop so they will be out there overseeing the project with the rest of the staff
    if this anonymous person would like to make the self known to us or would like take the pictures for those that can't get to crich to see what is going on
    keep up the blog richard

  3. Christoph Heuer7/11/09 14:31

    @ Anonymous:

    Ha ha, what if they are UNPAID staff, i.e. volunteers?

    To my knowledge all people working at Crich are referred to as "staff". I am part of the operations staff and none of us gets paid.

    Sorry, that anonymous sniper attack was not successful.

    Kind regards


  4. Seem to have upset Jonathan and Christoph. Feel free to be upset. Was just subtly making the point that Richard appears to be happy to encourage staff (if paid employees - he himself didn't make the distinction) to take pictures in museum time for his personal blog and therefore undermine Workshop Management whilst last year he was openly criticising what he regarded as serious lack of management in the Library.

    I was obviously being too subtle for the respondents.

    I think secretly Richard is really more interested in track than archives.

  5. Jonathan Johansson13/11/09 21:47

    no you hav't upset me i just can't see why you (anonymous) can't make your self known to every one and stop these sort of comments

  6. Anonymous 2!17/11/09 18:21

    I side with Anonymous. Why should employed (yes - let's get it right) staff contribute to a personal blog - particularly one that causes disharmony at times? Yes it's good to see what's happening but that should surely be on the TMS website! Additionally why does JJ want Anonymous to reveal their identity? More subterfuge afoot?

  7. Anonymous 36/12/09 14:19

    I just can't help thinking that you are only happy when you are causing/giving grief to someone Richard! Surely life is just too short. Take your own pictures by all means but stop getting other people into trouble and stop thinking that you have the divine right to do so. PLEASE.