Sunday, August 14, 2011

Stockport 5

Yesterday I received an invitation to go and see Stockport 5 at Heaton Park on 28th August.
Stockport 5 in Blackpool on 25th September 2010.

Posted by PicasaAndrew Waddington writes:
'I wanted to write mainly to thank you for the mention of the launch event for Stockport 5 on your blog. It's always nice to see Heaton Park getting a bit of extra publicity, and I'm especially grateful as I am helping a bit with a few things for this particular event. The photos you published are brilliant; I'm not sure if you realise but that was actually car 5's penultimate outing in Blackpool. It ran for a Fylde Tramway Society tour on 28th September, and has been confined to the depot ever since - in fact those were its only two appearances in the whole of 2010!'

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