Thursday, August 11, 2011

Secretive Committees

At the TMS AGM I asked about the six Central Standing Committees that are listed in the Annual Report.I didn't find out much.
Who serves on them? How long for? How are committee members selected? When do they meet?Are agendas and minutes circulated? What are their terms of reference? What are they for?

·         Collections Management Committee (chairman Karen Rigg). Membership goes with a post and there is no way for a Society member to volunteer for this committee.
·         Co-ordinating Committee (chairman Ian Dougill). This committee acts as a link between the Board and the various departments and is responsible for organising staff meetings.
·         Development Committee (chairman vacant). This is a strategic committee and restricted to members with posts, employees and members with professional expertise.
·         Health & Safety (chairman Colin Heaton). Members of this committee are all required to have expertise in this field.
·         Membership (chairman Lynda Wright). This committee is open to all who are prepared to volunteer to serve.
·         Tramcar Conservation (chairman Malcolm Wright). Membership is by invitation from members who bring particular skills to the party. The Trams Report was written by this committee.

      At the AGM, Karen Rigg emphasised that membership of the Collections Management Committee is restricted to officers with designated positions and that there is no room for me.

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