Sunday, January 02, 2011

A love letter to a tram

"Each day in Croydon High Street
I watch my darling pass,
By catching in Boots window-pane
Her image on the glass.

She stops; I turn; I tremble!
Shall I reach out my hand?
Too late! She glides on, humming now,
Past Meredith & Bland.

Her poignant perfume lingers,
Electric, on the air -
O! Dare I catch her up in Penge
And gently mount her there?"

Graham Feakins found this 1931 poem by John Betjeman in a book of published artices by Alan Coren.


  1. Anonymous2/1/11 12:05

    Nice to see to like a bit of culture, Richard - would never have thought it of you. Problem is,this poem is still in copyright. Would be a good start to 2011 to see legal action against you on this account, but the truth is you'll continue to get away with everything. The TMS will carry on turning a blind eye to your divisive actions, so I suppose we have to congratulate you and your collaborators/fellow travellers for your success in bringing upon the world this disturbing blog.

  2. If anonymous people are so concerned why don't they publish their names, or is it that sometimes Richard says things they agree with.
    My advice is always if you don't like the programme on TV stop complaining and switch off the TV set, or is it that it's nice to moan about this blog but you still cannot stop looking at it.
    If you turned it off and never visited it - you may no longer find it disturbing.
    I think Richard should remove facility for comments by Anon {or should that be annoying} people.
    I've never met the man - but he seems to be doing a good job to me - and also to many others

  3. Anonymous4/1/11 00:19

    somebody needs a hug. get a life post in your name and im sure the author would love to know his work is still being read today (toonsavage)