Friday, January 14, 2011

The workshop - 12th January 2011

Work continues on Blackpool 166 and Leeds 345. 345's side windows have been replaced but now some of the end windows have been removed.

It will be nice to see 166 back in service but spare a thought for the tram conductors struggling to turn the trolley at Glory Mine with a bamboo cane.
Please, please, please carry out the risk assessement and associated procedures and bring the trolley reverser into use.
In response to the comments, the only award I can think of a year ago was Volunteer of the Year and I don't think the Richard referred to is me. As far as 'cleaning up the blog', the next step forward will be to stop publishing anonymous comments with effect from today.
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  1. I think its about a year since those local awards that the museum won. If the museum enters again then the board should put Richard up for a customer care award as he's been on the course

  2. Anonymous15/1/11 12:10

    What 'local awards' and what's this comment from Giles got to do with the actual blog item?

    Can you provide a coherent answer, Richard?

    My hope for 2011 is to see the quality of your blog and its comments rise above basic tabloid levels, reaching moderate tabloid levels, and then, who knows what standards could be achieved!

    Keep trying.

  3. Anonymous16/1/11 19:12

    Just arrived home. Wonderful news, Richard! Ten of my friends bet me five pounds each that I couldn't get you to ban anonymous comments from your blog by simply sending you a rational, non-offensive comment and I've succeeded at the first attempt. Easy money.

    Love you!

    Off to spend my winnings tomorrow.

  4. @Anonymous: Someone needs to grow up a little. I'm sorry if this sounds harsh, but that sounds really childish, making a bet on whether you'd get an anonymous comment published after a ban on them on here.
    But I congratulate you on using a rational, and (unusually for anonymous comments!) pleasant comment. If all the anonymous comments were like that, I, and I assume Richard and many others, would have no problems with anonymous commenting. As it is, people abuse it and use it to slander both the Museum which so many have worked so hard to create, maintain and improve for over 50 years. Constructive criticism of parts of the Museum is good: without it how would the Museum know where it is going wrong and where to improve. But, there are places better suited to it. Try emailing the Museum directly perhaps?
    Just to clarify, I have no problems with most of the comments that appear on here. It is just the minority who abuse both the commenting system and people at the Museum.

    P.S. The trolley reverser is needed desperately! Try turning Blackpool 40's trolley in the pouring rain: you can only see the trolley wheel over the roof, and have to try very hard not to damage any of the balcony roof. With rain, it's incredibly difficult. It's about time it was sorted!

  5. Hibernating Mouse17/1/11 23:11

    Is it too late to have a quid each way on Anonymous in the Crich steeple chase? I do hope not as I've got lots of friends that would like to form a syndicate and make more than a fiver! We've studied the form and reckon that it's a cert for a placing in the Grand National this year and odds on favourite for winning the Crich Golden Egg Cup.
    Place your bets now while the odds are good! Barring being nobbled or falling at the first fence Anonymous will be first past the post again very soon! Let's hope common sense and free speech prevail and there isn't the need for a Steward's enquiry!