Monday, September 26, 2011

Mulhouse (2) tram train

The tram train is operated jointly by SNCF and the city transport operator Solea. The route shares tracks with city service 3 from the main station to Lutterbach. At Lutterbach, a connection is made to the existing railway line to Thann and Kruth. This line has been electrified at 25 kV AC as far as Thann St Jacques, and is single track with passing loops. It carries both the tram-train service and an SNCF diesel railcar service to Kruth, which uses the main railway line between Lutterback and Gare Central.
The terminus outside Mulhouse Station.

Outer terminus of the tram train at Thann.

Shared tracks with SNCF.

Shared tracks with the trams in the city centre.

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