Sunday, September 11, 2011


Having watched Rich skillfully 'turn' 331's trolleys, this lady was demonstrating how the local trolleybuses used to dewire when she was a girl.

The coach driver.

This gentleman from Glasgow was lucky to see and ride on both 22 and 812. He told me that he was a former member of the STTS and had contributed financially to the purchase of a tram for Crich fifty years ago.

Geoff Lomas tram cleaner.
Testing times
All tram conductors at Crich are required to pass both practical and written tests every year once they reach the age of 70. This is very thorough and also very good because it ensures that older conductors are aware of their responsibilities for the safety of their customers which are much greater now than when I started in 1964. I was re-tested on Friday and passed. After the test there was the opportunity to discuss the questions that I wasn't sure about so that now I understand the thinking behind them. My only comment was that I would have expected a few questions on customer care which again is more important now than 50 years ago.
Next I have to arrange a medical check and all being well I will continue as a conductor next year.

However I am told the re-testing of drivers is less rigerous. This sounds daft to me. As a reasonably regular conductor this year I have seen a wide a variation in driving styles.

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