Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Colourful Reims

The Reims tramway opened earlier this year with a cross town route and a short spur to the suburban TGV station.

For 5 stops through the city centre the APS surface contact system is used.

APS equipped track and points.
In response to David Holt's comment, the camera is not exagerating and you can feel the kink if you ride round the 'curve'.

The trams traverse one of the main shopping streets.

Change pits.
Frank Bagshaw has suggested that younger readers wouldn't know about change pits which were a feature of London Tramways. So here is a link to a description. The APS change over is much simpler: the tram stops and the pantograph is raised or lowered.

The red tram is at the changeover point with its pantograph partially lowered.

The suburban sections are similar to other new French tramways.

Colourful Reims.
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  1. David Holt27/9/11 09:29

    What bizarre "threepenny-bit" track geometry at the junction! What's that all about? Can you imagine a bus following a wheelpath like that? The driver would have to be bonkers.

  2. The frontal design of the Riems trams represents a champagne flute (glass)hic!