Saturday, September 03, 2011


The gentleman in the blue shirt recognised me yesterday and told me that he loves this blog and reads it everyday. Thankyou very much.
I now know that his name is Terry and as I suspected the young lady is his daughter Karin. He has emailed me today:
"  We had a lovely day at Crich yesterday, and it made my day to see and speak to you! I sincerely hope you keep up your enthusiasm for trams and your Blog, as I would really miss you if you were not there. And when we go to Crich again, I hope we will bump into each other again.  "
Terry we didn't have much time to talk yesterday as the trams were quite busy. I will be more than happy to meet you again at Crich one day and to show you round. I have worked as a tram conductor for quite a lot of Fridays this year and hope to continue next year but it would be better to meet on a day when I am not on duty so we have plenty of time to chat.

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