Thursday, September 08, 2011

Blackpool's future (and a Standard Car)

Many thanks to Tony Stevenson for these pictures of Blackpool's new trams and also of the dancing girls.

Graham Feakins writes:
"I thought that you may be interested to view these two You Tube links from 8th September.
The tram looks pretty smart and has a ‘friendly’ gong."

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  1. Alan Kirkman9/9/11 21:51

    Superb Photos from Tony as usual. what they don't convey is just how cold it was waiting outside the fence, apparently it was nice and warm inside, just as well for the String Quartet. A once in a lifetime chance to see an international launch of a new tram product line and quite a lot of us can say "I was there".
    I too have to apologise for not seeing you at Heaton Park but I hardly got outside from acting as Exhibition Manager of the Model Exhibition in the Depot. I was having to help out as lately we've been loading a bit too much work on John as Operations manager and special events etc. and it get's him a bit worked up at times, not helping his long suffering Mum and his friends so we're trying all to share a bit where we can, Heaton Park is like that