Thursday, February 18, 2010

A walk to Wakebridge (part 2)

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  1. apothecary18/2/10 20:50

    Sadly Richard your blog shows once again how ill prepared the Museum is to open for business. New track unusable, rubbish bags everywhere, warning tape and fenced off attractions, skips and containers in public areas, and few signs of anybody doing anything about it. Surely this shows the problem in running the place by committee (The Board), with each member dealing with their own area, and no one individual in overall control. Do we need a General Manager?

  2. dispenser21/2/10 13:13

    More sadly, the pictures and comments posted clearly demonstrate that people are happier moaning and expecting others to do all the work than they are to muck in and give a bit of help where its needed. The Board are all volunteers giving their expertise for nothing, are you going to find the money to pay a general manager?

  3. Or, why don't all of you shut up and come along and help yourself :)

    Why not appreciate the work that HAS gone on over the winter, rather than moaning about things not quite done? And regarding the Town End Crossover - blame the weather. You can't tarmac in snow. The new curve at Cliffeside on the other hand (that you probably don't know about because you're too busy moaning to pay any attention what so ever) is passable.

  4. how sad to see 1297 been put in the exibition hall tony stevenson