Friday, February 26, 2010

Another Birthday

This blog is four years old today.
This picture of Glasgow 1297 was the first I published. Below is sister car 1319 taken in April 1960. 1297 has now been withdrawn from service and is about to be incarcerated in the Exhibition Hall.
The Tramway Museum Society recently started an official blog and yesterday it published these pictures of 1297.

This afternoon I nipped upto Crich to get a few pictures of 1297. It is one of my favourite trams and I came away feeling very sad that I will never see it run again.

Finally does anyone else remember the book and the film '9 Dalmuir West' with its theme tune 'Telstar'?


  1. Anonymous26/2/10 19:39

    Yes, I've got it on Video, it was shown on TV aprox 15 years ago wonderfull footage. I also like 1297. We really should have this or 1282 operational. Wonderful workmanship for public transport! Peter W. aka Dr Mop.

  2. I too am sad that trams get incarcerated. While it is a good thing to use trams that are temporary non-runners for the exhibition they should be considered as "resting" prior to being restored to service. 1115 anyone?

  3. Anonymous1/3/10 11:54

    Very sad that the last major build of double decker trams is now a static museum piece--what are they thinking about. Suppose must leave room for the avalanche of blackpool trams-after all they had such a vast system. That now makes 2 perfectly good glasgow trams as statics-i suppose the coronation will be next.

  4. Anonymous1/3/10 13:54

    Crich should loan these 'incarcerated' cars to more appreciative keep such vehicles in storage is a waste. Funding should be sourced for their overhauls and speedy return to full operation.

  5. Hard working volunteer1/3/10 15:41

    These cars are not been incarcerated in to the exhibition hall. They will be able to be got out easier in the future and will be forming part of a new display to tell the story of the tramcar.
    They would be running if some one donated money to there restoration. What about the cars we have running at the moment.
    There is also the question of what does crich do with all the cars. It costs alot of money to maintain trams and keep them looking so great.

    And where could they been loaned to as all the other tramways in the country are full to bursting with there trams.

    I'll leave it there but think about the trams from blackpool have been running a lot longer than any other british system excluding the IOM.

  6. Wow, seems i'm not the only one who actually has some sense on the comments area; well said 'Hard working volunteer' (though you're still an anon, stand up and be counted dammit!)

    Anyway, whilst much has been said I just want to say it again; make it get through to you people who get told this time and time again.

    Rather than wasting your time posting on blogs moaning, why not use the cash you pay for that Internet connection to donate to getting a tram running again? I know the TSO etc would appreciate the funds. Doesn't matter how small, it all helps. Or why not get involved practically? Doesn't matter if it's once every 5 years, it all helps.

    We should be glad that trams such as 1297 are moving into the 'ExBo' - ultimately it's better for the tram than it is in the main bar... I mean, depot.

    As HWV says every other tramway in the country is full (Except, I believe, B/head and Beamish when the new depot road is finished) so where do you suggest they go? And just because they go elsewhere doesn't mean they'll run. I echo comments i've made previously about 712 at this point.

    Once again, this blog's anonymous posters seem to have gone to the School of Negativity - why 6 comments about actually an important bit of progress (a MODERN exhibition to appeal to younger people, not an out-of-date-exhibition that was a complete waste of space)? Or, perhaps more importantly, why not 6 posts commenting on how great Leeds 180 and Blackpool 167 are looking? It took the best part of a day to get that bumper on 167... does anyone care? No, not really, 'because it's running'. It wouldn't be running if there weren't people working extremely hard to get them running. Why not have some respect for the people that are in the workshop during their free time to get things running for YOUR enjoyment. I bet half the anons don't contribute beyond membership either.

    Rant over, for now. Maybe one day i'll get through.

    *Waves to Peter W at the top*

  7. Hard working professional & member2/3/10 16:13

    I'm not interested in giving to the TSO or volunteering my time for Crich washing windows thanks, but i'm alright Jack, so don't turn me or others off anymore with your pig-headed, arrogant, you know better, tit for tat lecture-spiel.

  8. Chris. P. Duck2/3/10 19:34

    I suggest that Hard working professional and his likes are the epitome of the critical, bone idle, self important Crich muppet Jack is highlighting in his recent rants on this blog. It's what we've come to expect these days, the many benefitting off the backs of others efforts yet having the neck to sit on the side lines moaning and sniping about what's wrong and what ********* trams should be running!
    My advice to the dissenters is if you aren't prepared to get stuck in don't you dare critise those that do! If you want an opinion either part with some time and money or do Crich a favour and take up another hobby along way away! Well done Jack for speaking out.

  9. Well said Mr. Duck; that's exactly what i'm saying.

    The fact that you feel you've got the right to criticise the TMS and feel you get a say in what happens yet have absolutely no intention of joining the TMS or helping to wash windows of trams. Don't worry about us, come and take your photos, have a quick rant about something you know little if nothing about and leave; we don't mind. I'll just come and moan about you on a blog such as this.

    I'm not for one moment suggesting I know everything about the TMS (I don't) and believe me i'm criticising it right now on the Yahoo! Discussion Group, but to be frank if i'm putting you off, good. Piss off.

  10. Crich's working class hero2/3/10 22:00

    Jack was ranting before i ever chipped in. Yeah OK so we'll just spend all the money on flat screen televisions and computer gadgetry to appease visitors who aren't remotely interested in why the place actually exists...while car after car gets mothballed to the point where it becomes a completely static collection...well anyway i can't be bothered trying to fit into with you and your clique work-gang psyche so yes i will glady clear off and leave you to be self righteous and miserable.

  11. Hello,

    there have been some widely diverging comments, both here and on the unofficial TMS Yahoo group most of which diverged from the original subject to much wider issues.

    May I in all honesty and with the expectation of a reply ask all contributors what they intend to achieve by commenting as they did?

    Kind regards


  12. Here is the classic 1962 film '9 Dalmuir West'

  13. Anonymous11/3/10 10:26

    I thought the British were such good sports?
    I wish we had something like Crich in the Netherlands! I come over every year with my wife to do my little bit in the workshop. It is a small but important way of supporting the preservation of the British tram heritage.
    The old exhibition was terrible as I have pointed out some time ago. The new one can only be a major improvement. And don't forget that Crich has more then enough trams to show in running order. 1115 is a nice tram but does not add to the historical fleet as it is very similar to 1622. Same story goes voor 1297, which by the way is very costly to maintain in operational condition next to 1282 en 869!
    In fact, as a regular Crich workshop volunteer I feel very much being offended by the negative comments on this blog. I do not agree with everything going on at Crich, which is normal for such a major institution. But the best way of action is from within: come and help with money or muscles. That gives you more rights than everything else to inflict changes if and when necessary.
    Otherwise, stay away and find another hobby. But stop destroying what has been build over the past 50 years, not by moaning but by money and muscles.

    Wim Beukenkamp, Netherlands

  14. Anonymous13/3/10 00:19

    1115 was on site well before 1622 if i'm not mistaken? Therefore it should've read: 1622 is a nice tram but does not add to the historical fleet as it is very similar to 1115. There's a blatant bias for southern systems by the looks of at least explains the arrival of all that scrap from Blackpool!

  15. Graham Feakins19/3/10 02:45

    The You Tube link to 9 Dalmuir West is a shortened version of the 12+ minutes original. The full version is included on a DVD from the British Film Institute called "Winstanley" with the same director, Kevin Brown. £12.34 inc. postage.