Friday, February 12, 2010

Green Door

The Green Door was open again on Tuesday morning.

I am puzzled by the lack of obvious activity in the Exhibition Hall. On Tuesday morning as far as I could see there was only one man at work inside.
I understand there will be about ten trams in the Exhibition but haven't seen any preparatory work to bring any trams up to display standards. I have read that Blackpool 712 is being given a quick paint job in Blackpool but am not aware of work on any others.

Perhaps someone could post a comment to enlighten me.  Posted by Picasa
The Green Door was closed on Monday, 15th Feb with few lights on inside. Although there were two vans parked outside for our visitors to admire, I saw no activity.
I did see this new poster advertising the proposed exhibition but I saw absolutely no sign of any trams being prepared for display or anything else for that matter.

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  1. Anonymous14/2/10 18:50

    You obviously looked into the hall during tea break. There is lots of activity going on and the man you see in the picture is a dummy and not very produtive.